Holiday Gift Guide


Recovering from the bloated bellies, late night/early morning shopping sprees, and traveling, I thought it would be an appropriate time to sit down and write a blog post in the midst of Cyber Monday. With thanksgiving now over, it is time to prep for the most exciting time of the year! Regardless of what you celebrate, you can agree that it is such a magical time! With the holidays quickly creeping on us, I felt that it was the right time to create a gift guide for anyone having trouble trying to find the perfect gift! Below I have listed gift ideas for both guys and girls that are broad enough to work for almost everyone and fit any budget…(feel free to add your own spin to any of the suggestions!) Happy Holidays!!♥

For Guys


Watches can be more on the upscale of presents but are a great way to show someone near-and-dear to your heart how much you care!


Guys always carry a wallet until its torn in two so why not give them a nice, new crisp one!


Cologne is always a go-to gift and perfect for any occasion! Who doesn’t like a guy who smells amazing?!


As silly as it sounds, socks are always an ideal stocking stuffer. I used to get so excited when someone would give me fuzzy socks (still do!). They come in so many fun designs and patterns that you can’t go wrong with them!


Hydroflasks have been the trend of 2016 and are perfect gifts for just about anyone. They can be used for so many occasions and are 100% worth the splurge!

Portable Speaker:

As this gift can go for both girls and guys, I frequently find myself in times where a speaker is needed and I’m sure others have this problem too. Portable speakers are great to have to bring to gatherings or to just use by yourself in your room. No matter where you are, a speaker can make it a whole lot better!


Hats are worn by guys daily to either hide their unwashed hair or to add a spin to their outfits. Whatever the reason, hats are an appreciable gift and come in many different types!


T-shirts are essential in a guys wardrobe and are worn almost every day. They make perfect gifts because not only are they easily loved but they will be used constantly!


As strange as this one might be, underwear can be the most vital and yet underrated gift! Unlike girls who typically look forward to picking out dainty undies, guys rarely think to buy them for themselves. As ‘ungiftlike’ as it may seem, a guy can never go wrong with new underwear every once in a while.

Shave Kit:

Shaving kits are key in a guys daily life which means they would make perfect gifts! Guys always seem to like the little, everyday things more than girls, which makes buying gifts like a shave kit, or individual products that fall into the hygiene category, scoring gifts!

For Girls


As someone who adores candles more than anything, I believe that you can never go wrong with gifting them. There are just so many different scents, sizes, and types! They really help spice up a room and make it more cozy.


Just like for guys, watches make great gifts for girls as well! I rarely check the time whenever I’m wearing a watch but they make for fabulous fashion statements!


Perfume is always a must when it comes to gifts! I always get more excited than I should when someone gives me a nice perfume. It is an essential for a girls daily life and such a sweet gesture.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion:

I am being very specific with this product but believe me when I say it does wonders! A good friend of mine had it in her dorm room bathroom and kept raving about it so I had to try it and since then, I understood why she loved it so much! Whenever I feel an imperfection starting to bud I apply this with a q-tip, go to sleep, and it is usually gone…sometimes it takes a couple of nights depending on the severity.

Hair/Face Masks:

Hair and face masks, along with anything pamper related, are perfect stocking stuffers! Girls love to be spoiled and take some time for themselves. Both are so relaxing and can make anyone feel rejuvenated and glowy!

Calvin Klein:

Calvin Klein bras and underwear have been the talk of the year and look great on everyone…not to mention they are SO COMFY!!


Jewelry always makes for a great gift. There is something so special about getting precious pieces from loved ones. They truly make any girl smile from ear to ear!

Bath Bombs:

Bath bombs (or anything from Lush) will make any girl jump with joy! As simple as that.

Coloring Books:

Coloring books used to be a childhood favorite of mine and have made a comeback in my later years. It’s so calming to sit back, relax, and color. Mix it with a bath bomb and a candle and you’ve got the BEST combination!

Tassel Charger:

These cute little keychains are so beneficial for anyone who carries a purse with them. I constantly use mine while on the go and need to charge my phone. Not only are they always attached to your bag but they add a stylish accent!