Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Recap ♛


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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is such a wonderful event. I love the anticipation leading up to this night. I know…BASIC! My dream as a little kid (maybe still is!) is to be an Angel but instead I settle for watching the show on my TV at home while cuddling with my boy and stuffing myself with ice cream…so I mean who really wins? 😉

Before the show I was face timing with Tyler, my boyfriend, and his friend. Both of them said they were excited for the show because they get to watch The Weekend perform. When I asked them if they were excited for the girls at all both seemed disinterested in watching beautiful girls walk down the runway in almost nothing. I was definitely more excited than 2 teenage boys to watch the Angels work it in their intricate lingerie and I have no shame in that!

I don’t know about you but watching the ‘chemistry’ between Bella and The Weekend as she strut herself down the runway was SO GREAT! Also, Kendall and Gigi are 100% my off goals! For the rest of the girls, I am just in awe about how stunning they all are. So jealous! If you didn’t happen to watch the event, there’s always next year as well as all of the Twitter posts that were posted in the midst.

Have a fabulous day! xx