2016 In Review

2016 was quite the year for me and I am so grateful for the experiences and memories that came along with it! With it being the last day of the year I decided to look back on pictures throughout this past year and go through a bit of nostalgia. 2016 was the year where I realized a lot about myself and how I want to work towards my future. I have always been a big dreamer and someone who plans out their future. This year has made me realize that it is okay to dream big as well as change your mind when it comes to what you want to do with your life. I started this blog early this summer and have been in love with it ever since! It has made me feel more confident and has given me a platform to speak my mind freely. I am sad that 2016 is over because it was such a damn good year but am excited for what 2017 brings as I will be starting college, moving into my own apartment, and becoming an adult. Heres to the memories we will be taking with us from 2016 and the new ones we will create in 2017…cheers!


I started with the month of March because I got my phone fixed and lost all of my pictures from January and February. In March I had spring break where my boyfriend and I went to Rocky Point. We met up with some good friends and had a great, relaxing trip!


 I also went to the Justin Bieber concert at the end of the month and was so incredibly lucky to have super close seats! The JB concert kicked off the beginning of an eventful month to come!

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April was probably the most active month I had all year!


For the first weekend of the month I went on a dance tour with my school to LA where we spent one of the days in Disneyland!! I absolutely love Disneyland and never get bored no matter how many times I’ve been!










The weekend after dance tour was COACHELLA WEEKEND 1!!! I’ve waited many years to go to Coachella and I finally scored tickets. The festival was everything I expected and more! To this day I watch videos from that weekend and count down the days until Coachella 2017. For more about my experience click here to read the post!



The weekend after Coachella was my dance concert week which took so much out of me considering I had no days to recover from dancing in the desert all weekend. Following that was prom, the next and last weekend of April. It was such a great night with great people and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!


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May was a bitter-sweet month for me. My best friend and boyfriend, Tyler, as well as other friends finished their senior year and graduated. It made me realize that I took that school year for granted and didn’t know how hard it was going to be going to school the following year without Tyler. With graduation meant grad parties and I attended quite a few! It is such a weird but cool feeling watching people you have grown up with start a new chapter. Since the seniors graduated that meant it was finally my turn to be a senior and have the best last year of high school I could have!




June was the start of my summer break and I kicked it off by going with Tyler and his family to the Bahamas for a week. This trip brought me closer to his family and created amazing memories that I will always hold. It was our first big trip together other than road trips and it exceeded my expectations.


The trip made me try new adventures such as snuba (not scuba) diving and parasailing. For more about this trip check out my post all about it!





June and July were both summer break months where I was busy with friends and family the whole time so it would take too long to go through everything I did. This summer was all about me catching up with friends and spending as much time as I could with the ones leaving.


In July I traveled to South Carolina with Tyler and my family to meet up with some other family members. We spent the Fourth of July week in a beach house in the Charleston/Isle of Palms area.


Pokemon Go came out during July and of course that meant I had to go Pokemon hunting. Although I didn’t have the app personally I would always go hunting with Tyler and our friends! The only problem about Pokemon hunting in Arizona in the summer is how dang hot it is!!



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August 1st was the first day of my senior year and sadly it was not what I expected it to be. It felt empty at school because I only had a few friends left to get through senior year with me. During this month I found myself in a funk that I couldn’t escape and didn’t feel happy with myself. This is when I really started to work on my blog which made me feel better and less alone.



My funk continued through early September as I was not enjoying my senior year and just wanted to move on with my life. I didn’t tell anyone I was feeling alone and dealt with anxiety attacks which lead me to lash out at people unintentionally because I bottled up my emotions too much. I usually wouldn’t include this in a post but I felt that I should be truthful as this post is a way for me to reflect on the past year and see how I’ve changed. In September I decided to get away for a weekend and go down south to visit a close friend at her school…and let me be the first to say it was needed!



Finally, at the beginning of October I was out of my funk and feeling x10 better. This is when I came to the conclusion that I was too stressed worrying about college and decided to do whatever my heart desires knowing that I can always change my mind. October was a big month for me in the sense that I turned 18 and was now entering the real world. This opened my eyes and made me realize how passionate I was towards certain things and that I was going to make my 18th year my best one yet!


My last homecoming was also in October where I went with my best friends instead of a date. I didn’t in fact attend the actual dance because it was Tyler’s birthday but I did go to pictures and dinner with my closest friends which was all I needed!



November wasn’t too eventful other than Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping. I attended the Nordstrom Christmas Party which I posted about so click here to check that out! I spent a lot of the month working on my blog and creating new content.


December was one of the busier months of the year! In the beginning of the month Tyler and I took a trip to San Diego to watch our friend graduate from bootcamp. You can check out what we did by clicking here!

After our little getaway it was finals week and then winter break! I spent a lot of December Christmas shopping and getting things ready for the holiday. I also attended a couple of holiday parties and went ice skating.

After Christmas my parents, Tyler, and I went to San Francisco for a couple of days. We got back the 30th (yesterday) which leads me to today, the 31st! I had such a wonderful year and am excited to see what 2017 brings. Happy New Years!! xoxoxo