Go-To Travel Outfit & Packing Tips

With spring coming soon and spring break vacations being booked, I figured what better time to create a blog post about traveling tips and my go-to outfit! Now I am not the best at packing whatsoever but as an overpacker I have learned some tips and tricks. Hope you enjoy!

If you haven’t found out by now, my favorite color to wear is black! I love the look of it with my hair and there is just something about black and a little pop of color that looks so damn good! Whenever I travel my #1 thing is to dress comfy and then if I have an earlier flight, bring a light change of clothes in my carry-on to change in to once I have landed. I also get cold easily so on the plane I like to wear clothes that will keep me warm. On top of being comfy, I want my outfit to look somewhat stylish to hide the fact that I usually just rolled out of bed to catch my flight. My go-to outfit that I have been wearing on trips recently is a cropped black sweatshirt from Brandy Melville, high-waisted Lululemon leggings, and then white Adidas Stan Smiths. I will have the links to each item down below!

Sweatshirt | Shoes | Leggings

Travel Tips!

  1. First and foremost…ROLL don’t fold when it comes to trying to fit all of your clothes in your suitcase.
  2. If you want to create even more space in your luggage, use packing cubes!
  3. I always make a packing list a couple of days in advanced and add to it as things pop into my head, that way I am prepared when it comes time to shove it all in my bag. I will have a general one linked here!
  4. Bring versatile clothing pieces that way you can create more than one outfit to save space!
  5. LESS IS MORE…when it comes to packing that is. Try to limit yourself to one of each. Instead of 4 jackets, bring 1 that matches with everything or bring 2 pairs of jeans instead of 6.
  6. Take advantage of your personal item! I always stuff my bag to the point where I can’t even close it!
  7. Although it may sound silly, weigh your suitcase before you leave for the airport. I don’t know about you but I always get anxious when it comes to making sure my bag is under the weight limit so weighing it beforehand eases my mind.
  8. This tip isn’t for everyone but for people who are afraid of getting their luggage stolen (or has had theirs stolen before), buy a colorful or crazy-patterned one…that way you will always know which is yours instead of having a typical black one that can easily be ‘mistaken’ as someone else’s.
  9. If you are packing delicate items, try folding them with tissue paper as if you are buying them from a store, to ensure they will be safe and without wrinkles.
  10. Bring a garbage bag to keep your dirty clothes separated from your clean ones. At the end of the trip, pack them either on top or under the clothes you didn’t wear to make sure you don’t get them confused!