Pamper Night W/ Frank

I don’t know about you but for me, Sunday’s are for relaxing and pampering yourself before the upcoming week. I absolutely love bubble baths and face masks! They both make me feel so good about myself. Recently, Arizona has been gloomy and rainy which makes nights like these 10x better! Flashback to a couple of years ago, I came across the skin care brand, Frank. I heard many good reviews about the coffee scrub and decided to try it out! From the moment I opened the package I was pleased with the product. Along with the coffee scrub, there is a note and direction card with adorable, quirky phrases such as “hey babe”, “get naked, get dirty”, and “I can’t wait to be on you”. Frank is basically every girls dream and every girl should feel pampered by Frank! I highly recommend trying this baby out for yourself and adding it to your me-time routine…plus, it’s vegan! Click here to join the #frankeffect

After my bath and exfoliating my face, I apply a face mask. My favorite face masks are the Que Bella ones! They leave my skin so soft and are also super inexpensive. I typically apply the face mask and eat dinner while it’s drying to make the time go by faster.