Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I figured why not make a last-minute post about a cute breakfast idea! If found this idea on Pinterest and had to try it out! You can either make this for a loved one or yourself! No matter who it’s for, it will look and taste amazing! Feel free to modify and be creative as well! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! xoxo

Heart Shaped Fruit

For the bananas, I only used half of one. These were trickier than I thought to cut into hearts but I made it work. I unpeeled half of the banana and cut a slit on the top for the v-part of the heart. Then I cut them into smaller pieces as if you were normally slicing a banana and then shaped the sides.

The process for the strawberries is the same as the bananas!

The Egg (or eggs)

The egg was definitely the longest part due to cook time. To get the heart-shape, I took a metal heart cookie cutter (I highly recommend only using a metal one because the plastic will melt). I placed the cookie cutter on my pan after spraying it with oil and poured the egg in. As you can see below, some of the egg white seeped through the cookie cutter so at the end make sure to cut away any excess before removing it from the cookie cutter!

Powdered Sugar Pancake

The pancake was by-far my favorite! It was also the easiest! For the batter, you can use any kind of pancake batter found at the store. I used a coconut one from Trader Joe’s! The process is just like making a couple of pancakes as you would normally.

For the heart cutout I used a pre-made baking stencil but you ca easily make your own but taking a piece of paper, folding it, and cutting a heart like you would a snowflake. Then just unfold the paper and there you go! After your pancakes are ready, take the one on top, place the stencil over it, and sprinkle powdered sugar over it. When you lift up the stencil, you should have a perfect heart! FYI do this step last because the powdered sugar will melt!

Once you have finished, you can place everything out on cute plates and decorate a little more. I added a bit of chocolate drizzle for the fun of it! You can also add bacon, hash browns, or whatever else you want! Hope you enjoyed!!