Spring Florals

Spring is finally here…at least for me since I live in Az!! I am so excited to finally start wearing dresses again! Spring is definitely the time of year where florals are essential. For this weeks post I wanted to talk about two of my favorite spring dresses! Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week! xoxo

I absolutely love this dress so much! I love the mix between it being off-the-shoulder and long. This dress is so flattering and is always my go-to when I go anywhere tropical! I purchased this last year so this exact one isn’t available anymore but I will link one that is super similar!

Off-The-Shoulder Dress

This second dress was one that I had to purchase the second I saw it! The only sad thing about this dress is that I washed it which made it shrink a little too much :/. I am so in love with the color and floral pattern. So cute and so perfect for the spring time! Also, its backless!!