Coachella Outfit Ideas

Happy Monday!! This week I decided to do a post that I have been eagerly waiting to do…Coachella outfits! I cannot believe Coachella is in 10 days! I am so excited to be back in the desert dancing my heart out. Coachella, to me, is one of those places where you can just be worry-free and not think about anything except having fun.

A big part of music festivals is what you’re wearing! Many stores like to come out with festival collections which makes finding the perfect outfits much easier. This year for Coachella I wanted to make sure my outfits were better than last year so I spent a lot of time, and am still looking, to make sure I achieve that. The outfits I have included in this post are not what I will be wearing to Coachella. I styled three outfits that could be worn for each day of the festival. I thought it would be best to incorporate a few different styles because music festival clothing shouldn’t just be fringe and bandanas. For my real outfits, well…you just have to wait and see 😉

Day 1

This first outfit is something I would wear on an everyday basis but thought it was an easy day-to-night outfit. Last year I made the mistake of not bringing warmer clothes for when it got chillier at night. If you do happen to be going to Coachella, or any festival that is, make sure you bring a pair of pants or light jacket incase it gets colder at night that way you aren’t wearing barely any clothes when the sun goes down! The two chokers that I layered along with the Docs make this outfit more fun and detailed…especially the pop of color with the shoes. Both my top and jeans are from American Apparel making them almost impossible to purchase since they are about to close. The good thing is it’s easy to find a black cropped tank and black jeans! I will have my shoes and chokers linked below though!

Top (similar) | Black Choker | Beaded ChokerDocs

Day 2

This outfit is definitely the typical Coachella style outfit! I decided to pair a bunch of different browns together to give this outfit that indie feel. Sadly, this outfit was mainly composed of pieces from my closet that I bought years ago but can easily be recreated considering this is what is in style right now! I will link what I could find below the pictures!


Day 3

I love this outfit because it is so trendy yet so comfy and easy. I wanted to style a dress for this post but didn’t want it to be too simple so I picked out an overall dress and paired it with a bralette that peeps out on the sides. To tie it all together I wore the same silver beaded choker from the first outfit! What I like most about this outfit is you don’t have to worry about your shorts riding up, your dress being blown in the wind, etc. You can just dance around without a care in the world!

Dress (similar) | Beaded Choker