Blondes Have More Fun

The one compliment I get the most is “I love your hair”, so this week I chose to write all about my hair, as well as giving you some tips & tricks in case you are wanting to take on the platinum blonde look.

First and foremost is the color! Almost 2 years ago I decided to go this blonde and it has been quite the process. My natural color is still blonde but much darker. Over the years it had gotten significantly darker to where I didn’t feel like a blonde anymore so I decided to go lighter. Because I didn’t want to damage my hair too much I started off with adding lots of highlights to lighten the color without bleaching it all since my hair had never been dyed before. After a couple rounds of highlighting, my hair stylist started the process of bleaching all of my hair. The first time or two my hair was more orange and brassy than I wanted but that was the price I had to pay for not wanting to severely damage my hair. Once we kept bleaching, the orange finally went away and my hair was almost to the color it is now! Now all we had to do was tone my hair in order for it to become more ashy and grey.

To keep up this color, I go in about every 4-6 weeks for a root touch-up and tone. Every couple of times I tone all of my hair instead of just my roots to get all of the brassy tones out. My lifesaver throughout this whole process has been purple shampoo. When my hair was first being bleached I would use purple shampoo almost every wash because it was so brassy but now I only use it about once a week. I don’t like to overuse it because I feel like it’s not properly washing my hair like a normal shampoo, but adding in chemicals. I use the Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo and recommend it to anyone with blonde hair. I also use a hair mask once a week to give my hair the moisture it needs! Even if you aren’t bleaching your hair, hair masks are a good way to replenish and restore your hair.

If you want to achieve this look, or go lighter in general, I recommend doing it in steps instead of all-at-once. This way your hair will be less damaged and better looking. If you harshly bleach it at the same, your hair will not only feel damaged but will look it too and will take away from the look of the color. I know that it can be hard to wait but I’m telling you that it is 100% worth it!

When it comes to styling my hair, I don’t do much! I typically shower at night and sleep with wet hair. When I wake up my hair is pretty wavy so I don’t ever have to do much. I usually take a straightener and straighten some of my baby hairs because they tend to go in every direction. I almost never blow dry my hair because it’s thick and will get super poofy. If I am going out and don’t want to leave my hair natural, I will either straighten it or take a curling wand and add some curls to give it more volume and shape.

If you are wanting to go blonde, I hope that my experience, process, and tips helped you out! xoxo