Coachella 2017

I am currently writing this while sitting in class feeling like I’m dying. I tried writing this post yesterday but had no energy. Although I got sick, Coachella was absolutely amazing! The experience was so surreal. This year had so many surprises making it better than last year! The lineup was already great, and then almost all of the performers I watched brought out guests. My two favorite guests were Drake and The Weeknd! There is just something so magical about this place from the food, to the art, and everything in between. My favorite parts were walking around and taking everything in, dancing with Tyler, and hanging in bed after each night while snacking and making jokes. I cannot express my love for this festival and how alive it makes me feel! Everyone there is free-spirited and just wonderful. All worries are gone when you’re dancing in the desert! I am so grateful to get to experience this event and am so excited for next year! The memories made are ones I will cherish forever! xoxo