Finals Week Tips

Finals…an exciting yet dreadful time for every student! This means that the semester is coming to an end but before that happens, you gotta get through the tests. I have put together some simple tips to make finals week easier! xoxo

  1. Start early!

It’s so easy to procrastinate but eventually it catches up with you and you have no more time left. This creates a panic!! I used to always procrastinate until last year I realized how much simpler life is when you get your assignments done early! That way the thought of you finishing these tasks isn’t constantly in the back of your head, taunting you! Get it done early and you won’t be stressed!

2. Study things that aren’t included on the study guide

If you are lucky and are given a study guide, utilize it! Your teacher gave you it for a reason! But you should also study concepts that aren’t on the study guide. There have been many times where the study guide contains almost all of the information on the test but there are also times where none of the information on the study guide is on the test. That’s why it is important to study everything in your notes. You don’t have to spend as much time on studying this part but make sure you familiarize yourself just in case there are questions regarding it. Click here are some of my favorite study planning printouts!

3. Be aware of your time & pace yourself

Being aware of your time is something that a lot of people aren’t good at. I constantly see snapchats of people staying up through late hours of the night just to study for tests that they didn’t dedicate time to beforehand. This is so unhealthy and unnecessary!

4. Make your notes appealing and fun

I am a visual learner so I make my notes color-coded and add little doodles. This helps me understand what I’m writing and makes it easier to identify points when they are clumped into groups with similar info!

5. Take breaks!

It is so important to take breaks in between studying so you don’t fry your brain! This goes along with the first tip. If you wait until the last minute, you will be cramming so much info into your brain that you will forget about taking a break. Pretty simple! 😉