Tiny Details


Before addressing anything else can we talk about how cool these pictures turned out?! Bree is the seriously the best! So for this weeks post I wanted to talk about a styling trick that I am loving right now and that is taking simple outfits and adding some sort of  POP! My style can be very simple a lot of the time because I usually just wear neutral, solid colors. It was until recently where I started to love adding details into my outfits that stood out.

Now this trick can go two ways; you can either wear lots of jewelry, such as layered necklaces, but still be simple or wear something like a little scarf to really catch someone’s eye. These scarfs are becoming the new thing although they make you feel like a flight attendant…lol. Mine is an old one from my mom but if you are in need of one, try Urban Outfitters! I constantly see them there.

Whether your choice may be staying simple or  being bold, both make you look more put together when really your outfit only took a couple of minutes to put together!! Hope you guys have a wonderful day! xoxo