Styling Stripes

Stripes have always been in…at least for me that is! They are probably the only kind of pattern other than checkered that I love to wear. My go-to outfit is this dress right here from Brandy Melville. I have had this dress in my closet for about three years now and somehow I am not over it yet! Part of it is because its so soft but it is also just a timeless, simple piece. It is so easy to throw on while still looking somewhat put together. Because it is so old, I couldn’t find the exact same dress but linked one very similar below!

Stripes should be a must-have in everyone’s closet because they go with almost every color and add details to simple outfits. Plus, they are easy to find in any store so there shouldn’t be an excuse why you don’t have anything striped 😉 xoxo

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