Self Tanning Routine

With summer comes wanting to be tan 24/7 but spending countless hours melting in the sun just in hopes that you will become a bronzed goddess and not a burnt one is not always that much fun. I think that laying out in the sun can be relaxing but I also overheat easily, get sweaty, and then just feel gross without even ending up with a tan! If you are like me and would rather have that bronze glow without the added skin sizzling, this post is for you!

I am someone who burns easily so tanning is never really ‘tanning’. That is why I resort to self tanning! I prefer to self tan over spray tan because for one, its cheaper, and you have more control…as long as you know the basics. Many people seem afraid to self tan because they don’t want to be orange or have streaks. After doing it for quite some time I have come to find the best tips and tricks for the at-home tan and I am here to share them!

The first thing is knowing what self tanner you should buy. There are so many different ones to choose from; high-end, inexpensive, spray on, lotion, mousse…the list goes on and on. Now I can’t sit here and tell you what will work best for you cause everyone is different but with my experience, I have found that the mousse one works best for me. With the mousse, and most products, I recommend using a tanning mitt to keep your hands from turning bright orange and to prevent streaks. My favorite tanning product is the Jergens Sun Mousse. With this product there are two different shades to choose from. The plus with self tanners is that they adjust to each skin color but can be altered to give you a darker glow if more layers are applied. If you are wanting a more high-end version of this product, try the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse! Just know that with each self tanning product, results are not instant so don’t freak out and keep layering the product if you don’t see a difference right away…learn from my experience 😉 If you are in a rush and just want to add a quick bronzed look for the day, try the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter Tinted Body Lotion. This product is perfect for times where you want a part of your body to have that bronze glow but don’t have the time to wait for a self tanner to develop!

Now onto the steps for how I self tan!

  1. EXFOLIATE!! Before you self tan I recommend showering considering you aren’t going to be able to shower for a couple of hours afterwards unless you want to wash your tan off. I typically take a quick shower before I tan. This is when I take the time to exfoliate and scrub the dead skin off to create the perfect slate for the tanning product. Many people seem to find this step unnecessary yet wonder why they have a streaky tan. If you want this tan to look good, take the extra 10 minutes and exfoliate!
  2. Use a mitt! Like I said earlier, using a mitt will help with streaks and stained hands! Also, they aren’t expensive so there shouldn’t be an excuse 😉 You don’t want someone to look at your hands and wonder what in the world happened to them, do you?
  3. Bare it all! Whenever I self tan I don’t wear anything because I want the tan to be even. If you want it to look like you actually tanned, and have tan lines, go ahead and tan with underwear or a bikini on, but for me I think the best way is to not wear anything to make the tan look as natural as possible. Plus, if you follow the first rule and exfoliate/shower beforehand, chances are you won’t have clothes on anyways!
  4. Blend! Make sure you are blending out the tan enough to where it won’t be too spotty and orange. When it comes to your hands, feet, elbows, and knees, take a little more time to be precise because these are the spots where the tan can go downhill! With your knees and elbows, try bending them so that the tanner gets into every crease! And be careful when you wash your hands…don’t scrub too hard!
  5. Face: Yes or No? When it comes to me I don’t always tan my face. I have pretty fair skin so tanning my face can be a hit or miss. If you don’t decide to tan your face, there is no problem with that! Lots of people use makeup when they need to match their face color with the rest of their tanned body. If you decide to tan your face, be cautious around your hairline! Get as close as you can but make sure you don’t get the product into your hair…especially if you’re blonde! When I wake up after tanning my face it can be darker than I wanted so I will take an exfoliating face wash and lightly buff the areas where it is too much.
  6. Let it dry! The worst thing you can do right after you self tan is jump in a pool or put on tight clothes! In order for the product to work and not look bad, you need to give it time to settle into your skin. I usually self tan at night that way I can just put on loose, comfy clothes and crawl into bed without worrying if my tan is going to come off. Then that way you wake up to a beautiful bronzed body! Now I’m not going to lie the products don’t smell the best, they don’t smell bad but you’ll definitely be able too tell that you are wearing something at first, but it goes away! The best advice I can give is just to self tan at night!

I hope you enjoyed this long, but helpful, post! I think that self tanning is such an easy way to look sun kissed in the summer without having to deal with the problems of actually tanning, or burning. Down below I have linked my favorite self tanners along with some others for you to find the one that suits you best! xoxo