Bringing Back Band Tees

Band t-shirts have always been a go-to for me and are making a big comeback! My pet peeve with the trend is when people are like “OMG name 3 songs by that band”!!! Why do people care? It’s just a shirt! Anyways, I think that pairing a band tee with either blue jeans or shorts is such an effortless outfit1 The thing with band tees is that you can also go the other way and dress them up with a cute skirt! What I love about the shirt I’m wearing is that it looks vintage and original. It has the faded look along with the tour dates on the back. There are so many fun options to choose from when finding a band tee that you will find one that suits you perfectly!…And don’t let someone stop you from wearing what you want just cause you might not listen to the band!!!!! xoxo

Pink Floyd T-Shirt