Off Duty Model Outfit

Over the past few months my style has taken a turn and I have found myself buying street-style clothes. I have really fallen in love with this way of dressing because it is so easy and comfortable but also makes you look SO GOOD and put together! It all started when I bought a Danielle Guizio checkered tracksuit, like the one Bella Hadid is wearing in the picture above! Before purchasing I saw a lot of Instagram posts with girls wearing these and decided to try one out. I instantly fell in love and am going to buy more soon! Nowadays it is pretty easy to find checkered and camo and other prints that go along with this style! My favorite places to find pieces areĀ I AM GIA, GCDS, RTA, Overschooled, and Forever 21 (if you are looking for a cheaper alternative). LF also has a lot of good options but its hard when they only have a few stores in the US and don’t have an online shop. The best part about this style is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on pieces if you don’t want to. As long as you buy simple pieces and add to them, you will look expensive! For all of my outfit inspirations, I just constantly check Instagram! Pro tip: if you find an outfit you like on instagram, click the bookmark in the bottom right corner to save the picture. That way when you need to find an outfit, you can go under your ‘saved’ tab and have all of your outfit inspos right there!!