What’s In My Purse

“What’s In My Purse” videos used to be so popular on Youtube so I decided to do my own twist and write a post about the topic instead! Also, for some reason it has taken me so long to get around to posting this post! I took these pictures a couple of months ago when it was much colder out which is why I am wearing warmer clothes. The purse pictured is not available anymore considering I have had it for almost four years now but is was from Urban Outfitters! It’s just a bulky black bag that hold a lot so a dupe will be easy to find! Down below I have listed the items that I found in my purse when I went through it. Most of them are my essentials!! xoxo

My phone: I feel like there is no need to explain this one…

Wallet & Keys: Same as the phone, pretty self explanatory 😉

Chapstick: Always have to make sure your lips aren’t chapped!!!

Polaroid: I love having my Polaroid with me at all times because you never know when you will want to take a picture!

Sunglasses: I typically keep a pair in my car and my purse because a lot of the time I will forget to bring the ones in my car! Always good to have a backup!

Pen: To write with, I guess…

Hair Ties: I am someone who always needs a hair tie and don’t feel secure unless I have one so its crucial for these to be in my bag.

Advil: It’s always good for me to keep some kind of pain killer with me because you never know when you will get a headache, or something else, and you don’t want anything like that to ruin your day!