Weekend in DC

Last week I went on a little getaway trip to Washington DC to visit my two best friends! This was my first time going there and I am so excited to go back! There’s just so much to do!!! I wanted to try something different for this post but sort of failed at it. I attempted to blog my week but just got caught up with my friends and all of the things to see! I still decided to edit together the footage I had to make a mini vlog as well as describe each of my days down below. Bare with me, they will get better!!

On Thursday I decided to start my vlog! I had an early class and then went to Target to purchase some Halloween decorations! After that I went to my next class, packed, went to dinner with some family friends, then headed to DC!

I took the redeye to DC and arrived early the next morning. That day Carmela and I explored the National Mall to see what DC was really made of. Later that night we met up with Zaria and some other friends for dinner! I was so exhausted after traveling that my night ended quite early!

The next day we got a mini tour of Zaria’s college campus and boy, was it beautiful! Sadly after that, we had to say bye to Carm who was off to NYC. For the rest of the day, Zar showed me around her favorite areas!

Sunday was literally just a lazy day full of homework and eating so not much to vlog!

Monday was my first day alone on the town since Zaria had class. I spent the day in Georgetown and shopped a little too much, but hey, its vacation! Zar later met up with me and then we just had a chill night in….I promise these days were more fun than how they sound!

Tuesday was my last day, but still very eventful! I went to the Holocaust Museum and let me just say, if you have the chance to go, please do! It was so eye-opening! After that I walked around the other half of the National Mall and saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and more! Then I made my way to the White House. I wasn’t too into seeing this but figured it is a must-see while in Washington. For lunch I went to POV, which is a super cool rooftop spot in the W Hotel overlooking the White House. Next I found a super cute nail salon on Yelp, Nail Saloon, and got my nails done! Highly recommend this place! Then I made my way to Dupont Circle, had some gelato, and went back to the dorm. Zaria and I went out for a nice dinner after to celebrate my last night! Seeing her, and Carm, after months of being away was such an amazing feeling and I’m so happy I was able to go on this trip!

Wednesday was the day I was dreading the most! I had to be up at 5 am to make my flight! After a sad goodbye to my best friend, I got on my plane and headed home…and then went to class :/

Below I have linked my vlog of the trip! Hope you enjoy the little bits I managed to record! xoxo