Rainy Day Outfit

I have been wanting to write a post on this topic for so long but told myself to wait until it rained to take photos so it looked more genuine but living here in Arizona made that very hard! I still wasn’t able to get the pictures taken during a rainy day but I wanted to post this so here I am. Because it rarely rains here, I have an outfit planned specifically for the rain! If you live where rain isn’t rare, you probably think I’m ridiculous for that but I only get so many days a year where I can wear these boots so might as well look cute when it rains! In reality, I don’t really go outside when it rains and typically spend my day in a comfy hoodie, but if I need to go out these boots are my go-to!

The boots I’m wearing are definitely the reason for wanting to write this post! Like they are literally rain booties! For me this is so cool, but is probably normal for people who live in rainy climates. Surprisingly, I found these gems at Target! They came in multiple colors but I had to go with the green!  Now I guess I don’t have the same outfit every time it rains but I definitely have similar ones! Typically I will wear mostly black and pair with a fun jacket to compliment the shoes. I love army green, especially in the fall, so I had to wear this jacket!! Whatever you decide to pair with your booties, you will be the best one dressed for the rainy day!!! xoxo

Booties | Jacket (similar) | Jeans