My Apartment

After about 2 months, I have finally gotten around to this post! I recently moved in to my own little apartment and am so excited to show you guys! I spent my whole summer shopping and finding things to put in my place! I probably took it more seriously than most people but I wanted to make sure it was exactly what I wanted! As I am still working on little parts here and there, the majority of the place is decorated! Below I have gone in depth with each room as well as linking as many of the items found in each room! I hope you enjoy my new humble abode!! xoxo

Living Room

The living room was the room I focused on the most. First of all, my view! I live on the 17th floor with a giant window as my wall! I still can’t get over being up so high, it’s so cool! The couch came with the room which helped out a lot! Although they aren’t available anymore, my white pillow is from Z Gallerie, the gray one is from Target, my graphic pillow is from Jonathan Adler, and my throw is from Target. I’m sure there are items similar out there! My goal for the room was to purchase a marble coffee table which was much more challenging than you would think! I eventually found the perfect one! Because I wanted my main focus to be the table, everything else just needed to be neutral. I found my console table at IKEA for super inexpensive and decorated it with accent pieces that I found randomly. The white chair and end table have been pieces I have owned for quite a while now so I decided to incorporate all metals instead of choosing one, that way I could include these pieces! To tie the room together, I added in a cowhide. I wanted to add a rug but felt like the whole room was very geometric so I went with something more natural. Some people might not agree with this purchase but I think it looks great in the room! 😉

Marble Coffee Table | Console Table | White Chair | Mohawk Match Strike | Cowhide | Coasters

End Table (coffee table version) | Buddha ArtMetal Skull


Before deciding on an apartment, a kitchen with some type of L shape was crucial! I am in love with the dark wood and dark counter tops! I know, I have a lot displayed on the counters but I don’t have enough storage for everything so I’m working with what I’ve got. I really wanted marble pieces to tie in with the marble coffee table and found a lot of pieces at Target and Crate & Barrel. I am someone who loves to display flowers so I’m super happy with this unique flower vase…of course I didn’t have flowers the one time I’m taking pictures! I didn’t want to show inside of my cabinets but all of my pots and pans are from IKEA and Target. My dishes are a mix of ones from Anthropologie, Sasaki, and Z Gallerie!

Flower Vase | Butter Dish | Silverware | Knife Dock | Marble Cutting Board | Candy Dish | Mixing Bowls | Sponge Holder

Paper Towel Holder | Spice Jar Rack | Marble Utensil Holder | Salt & Pepper Shakers | Toaster


My bathroom was one of the rooms I didn’t care about too much! I was really happy when I found out that I had a glass door shower instead of a tub combination! To me, it looks more modern than having a shower curtain. I do still need to purchase a shower caddy though! The storage in the bathroom is not the best so I’m still trying to figure out how to keep everything from getting messy. As of now, my first drawer is organized but the second one, well….everything is just thrown in there! For the counter, I scored with this wooden tray! Quick tip of advice: check the hidden clearance corner in Crate & Barrel! I am not someone who likes to display all of my stuff on the counter so this display will get less hectic but until I find the right way to organize and compact, this will do! **One of the ways I did save space was by putting my cotton balls, Q-tips, and cotton pads in one container!

Wire Bask | Soap Dispenser | Towels | Gray Canister | Hexagonal Jewelry Holder | Wooden Tray | Bathmat


My bedroom was the hardest to decorate so I didn’t include it in this post. Since the place came furnished, I didn’t have to purchase a lot for the room. At that point I just decided to keep the desk that was in there, put white sheets on my bed, and call it enough!