Bold Belts

Statement belts have been all the rage recently!! Most of the popular ones right now aren’t the cheapest belts out there, which is why I decided to not splurge when I could recreate the look for much less. If you have been on Instagram over the past couple of months, you would notice the extreme amount of Off White belts and bags. As I do love this brand, I wanted to make it easier for people to achieve the look without spending too much money. I was super lucky when I found this belt on Forever 21, but when I went to link it for this post, I couldn’t find it online anymore 🙁 I did list some similar to give you the same look! No matter what design the belt is, pair it with a simple outfit and you will look like you know what you’re doing!! 😉

P.S. some of the belts listed say mens but because they are industrial belts, they will work for anyone!! Don’t let that scare you away…

Black | Checkered