Ringing In the New Year: What to Wear

I cannot believe the year is already ending but I’m glad that 2017 is about over, as I’m sure others are too! With New Years comes New Years outfits and that means…sparkles!! Now I am not someone to wear sparkles but there is something about this shirt that is so subtle and perfect! I got this fabulous piece from none other than Free People. These types of shirt have been super popular recently and I can see why. They are sooo comfortable and look great on every body!

Because New Years happens in the winter, its not logical to wear only this small top, so this is where the fun comes in! Jackets can be really fun to jazz up an outfit. I use jackets as statement pieces a lot…maybe too much. Since its New Years, its okay to be bold with your jackets and do something different! If you want to keep it simple, you can wear a jacket that isn’t too eye-catching to make the top the main focus of the outfit. Whichever direction you choose, have fun with it!! Thats what fashion is all about 😉 have a happy new year!! xoxo

Sparkly Top | Leather Jacket | Booties | Black Jeans